About me


Welcome to my site! If you are here you want to know who I am.

I’m Paola Palma and, as I have said on the homepage, I can be your partner in the realisation of your desired website.

Why should you hire me to do this job? First of all I like challenges, solving puzzles, embarking on new adventures and helping people.

Uhm… that doesn’t sound very technical… I know.

Don’t worry, I can also build a WordPress site. But other website builders can too. That’s why I told you my “adds-on” first 😉

In addition to how I am, let’s see what I have achieved so far. I have completed studies in technical and non-technical fields.

I started my studies in Italy and I have followed courses in France, UK and the Netherlands later on.

I have extensive experience in different working environments where I have been able to expand my knowledge in different fields.

I have learnt to use different IT applications and platforms, thanks to my working and learning attitude.

I had the need on the one hand, and the pleasure on the other, to improve myself and keep my knowledge up-to-date. 

To know in detail what my background is, here is my LinkedIn profile.

My diverse experience allows me to better understand my client’s needs, as I have learned to constantly change my perspective in my work.  

That’s also why I know how important it is to put myself in your shoes to help you translate your vision into a website.

If you want to know more about me and what I can do for you, please contact me at:


or call me at:

+31 (0) 624142111

PS the intake is free and non-binding!