About gocce

Gocce will be your partner in translating your idea, your dewdrop, into the visual frames of our modern devices. With gocce your idea will be ready to travel beautifully, neatly and safely on the internet. 

Happy to join you in your journey, gocce will be guiding, advising and challenging you while reaching your goal; technically will take care of the design, the frontend development the maintenance of your (new) WordPress website.

All the above will be delivered with care and personal attention. 

Here the support you can get:

Development & Design

We will take the time together to understand the goals your website is intended to accomplish, your needs, brand and company identity.
Think about everything from your domain name to the content you want to include to the design. Make a list of what you absolutely need, what you want and then what would be nice to have. Defined your dream we’ll determine the best course of action to give shape to your design.
We will actually make a functioning website from it with WordPress.

Managing and Maintenance

After your site is launched, it may happen that you want to update contents or functionalities. Gocce can help managing your website according to your specific needs.
Don’t forget that structural maintenance of your WordPress environment is important. Especially when it comes to security updates, outdated software or missing backups.
Keeping your website updated, safe, and secure will encourages growth in traffic and boosts your SEO and rankings on Google.
If you need it, we will plan how, when and how often you want Gocce to step in.


If something unexpectedly goes wrong we will restore your site with the existing backups for you. We can also help as the linking pin with the suppliers / developers of your already existing website, of your plugins or theme developers or we will contact your hosting provider in case the problem is not your website.


You can count on advise before and during each step of our collaboration period on different matters. Think of choosing the right hosting providers and the best hosting package for you, think of the right functionalities for your needs or the priorities you need to have in mind for your goals.

In case what you need is a (new) website, below the steps you can expect from me while working together:

If you got curious and you want to find out if we can work together,  give me a call or send me an email any time.

I’ll be happy to give you more details and to answer any of your questions.

No strings attached 😉