casa carla & palma

The focus of this project was the promotion of two holiday houses in Italy and  the  management of the all process around renting the apartmentsThe result shows, as required, a multifaceted but organic, clean, easy to use site and at the same time a coherent, unique and personalized brand.
The site required, among others, five fundamental characteristics. It had to:

  • be responsive and bilingual.

  • enhance the “products” with textual and visual content, turning the site into an etalage-site though informative, light,  interesting and visible on the web.

  • inform in detail about the apartments, the renting and the offered services but in a functional and clear way.

  • offer a set of (automatic) functionalities in order to easily manage reservations, requests of information and reviews.

It was thus decided to focus on impactful slides on the homepage, but with discreet, yet visible, links to guide the visitor directly to the needed info, a series of flat pages, well organized and easy to find through different and themed sidebars on single pages.

SEO was taken into account with Yoast for visibility on the web and with content indirectly related to the holiday houses in order to attract customers interested in local tourism that would therefore reach the site too.

We opted for tables and structured content for readability where preferable and texts only on pages where a broader discussion was necessary.

Different and customized maps have been integrated accordingly throughout the site, this in aid of a clear and instant information package, but they stay interactive so that they keep supporting actively the customer in his/her info quest. 

Fundamental is the technical support of a series of added features, aimed, on one side, to offer an optimal use of the site and anticipating any need of the potential customer, and, on the other side, to respond to the needs of the tenant in the management of her business.

We have therefore added a series of protected forms to receive reviews, essential for a business site, and to receive requests of information, a full booking system for potential customers.
With this feature, not only the need for a booking calendar has been taken into account, but also a whole series of functionalities related to the booking system: prices, period blocks, options for additional services, live costs calculation, (automatic) email exchanges with direct feedback.

Functionalities which are then integrated in the back-end with other functionalities in support of the administration of the tenant.

Last but not least, we delivered a protected site from external attacks.